• 21 June 2017

Ciao and the specialties of Lucignolo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017

Pizzeria Lucignolo

Ciao and the specialties of Lucignolo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017

Ciao and the specialties of Lucignolo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Pino Celio of Pizzeria Lucignolo comes from a family of pizza makers. In Celio’s home, you breathe the scent of fried pizza emerging from hot oil from the time of his grandmother, which herself was a pizza maker for passion, too.
This young artisan has already gone a long way and he can already boast a remarkable award at the Caputo Trophy, having won the first place for the ‘Pizza in Pala’ category during the 2016 edition of the Napoli Pizza Village.
And just like Lucignolo, Pinocchio’s friend who enjoys life in Toyland, Pino Celio summarizes his successes made of tradition and innovation with a motto that says it all: “Amaze, and always amaze”.
After the black pizza that made a splash during the NPV 2015 and the oven-fried pizza with Neapolitan meatballs of the 2016 edition, here is how Lucignolo tells us about his NPV 2017.
– What specialties are you going to show on the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront?
My red proposal is a pizza marinara with Cetara anchovies and anchovy sauce.
– Which tomato you will use for your pizza marinara?
The classic peeled tomato with tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius, as prescribed by the TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) pizza specifications.

– Why did you choose this pizza to represent you at NPV?
The pizza marinara with Cetara anchovies brings together Naples and the Amalfi Coast, the places I have chosen for my two pizzerias, as I have a second pizzeria in the province of Salerno. Additionally, combining a classic recipe with anchovy sauce is part of the mix of tradition and innovation that has always been my work philosophy.
– What do you expect from the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017?
This is the most important pizza festival in the world, and I hope that it will help us to make known the research and the passion behind our work as pizza makers. I hope also to win more awards, as I will compete for the Caputo Trophy.