• 3 November 2020

The quiz of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli


The quiz of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli

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To celebrate the first edition of Pizza Village in Milan, which will be held from November 5 to 8, Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli has a little surprise in store for you: a game to play together, strictly staying at home, like all the other activities of Pizza Village Home.
Here’s what will happen.
A Neapolitan-scented game is ready to greet all the friends of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli and Pizza Village Home.
No masks or other protection measures are needed to play with Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: you just need your knowledge about the Neapolitan pizza.

Four questions for as many curiosities about the Neapolitan pizza technique will go with you during the event days, from 5 to 8 November. You will find the questions in the Instagram and Facebook stories of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli.
To give your answers, simply reply in Direct or Messenger.

The four quizzes will be told by two master pizza makers of excellence

Davide Civitiello of Rossopomodoro and Vincenzo Capuano of the Vincenzo Capuano Pizzeria in Naples.

These will be short open-ended questions (i.e. a simple yes or no will not be enough)
A nice surprise will reward those who will answer correctly.

So don’t miss our stories… and of course have a good pizza!