• 15 February 2019

Ciao and the land of Vesuvius – A love that is far more than a slogan

Ciao e la terra del Vesuvio

Ciao and the land of Vesuvius – A love that is far more than a slogan

Ciao and the land of Vesuvius – A love that is far more than a slogan 1024 536 Alessandra

The first way to ensure that our production meets the expectations of our artisans – who want to bring to the table always the best of Campania Felix (the fertile countryside, as the ancient Romans called the region) – is to help protect our territory. Find out how Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli renders homage to the land of Vesuvius.

The importance of a unique land

Campania is a unique land, with exceptional morphological features, but it is in particular the Vesuvius area that offers the right fertility and minerality needed to give those unique scents and flavors to the crops

The proximity to the sea and the consequently mild climate contribute to make perfect the maturation of our tomatoes and unique their taste.

In short, opening a can of Ciao tomatoes means bringing to the table the best of the Mediterranean character of our peninsula and this thanks not only to an immediate processing that fully respects the raw material, but above all thanks to our territory’s characteristics.

So, the first commitment of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli it is the one towards his land.

To love it and to respect it is – from the production point of view – the best guarantee of a lasting success.

The defense of the territory

The environment is therefore one of the main concerns for Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli. A feasible investment thanks to a plant and a production method that allows us a minimal environmental impact.

So, in a few key points, how do we ensure this result?

  1. The attention and the contact with the agricultural part, allow us less waste, while maintaining very high production standards.
  2.  Process waters are purified and reused to reduce waste
  3. The residues of the production chain (skins, seeds and waste from the supply chain, imperfect vegetables and tomato juice in excess) are used as feed for local farms.
  4.  The cans we use are “Metal Recycles Forever”, a brand that indicates a particular production technology that covers the aluminum with a strong tin layer in order to have a product highly resistant to the acidity of the tomatoes, but also 100% and infinitely recyclable.

Attention and commitment = Resource and investment

But it is not just about love for our roots.
Respecting the territory is for us the essential prerequisite to continue to make ourselves the spokesperson of this world of unique quality, which cannot be imitated because the geographical features of Campania are unique and inimitable, just as the know-how that made the Made in Italy – and the products of Ciao and CMDO – a symbol of quality all over the world.