• 22 June 2017

The recipe for pizza from a World Champion by Michele Leo

Michele Leo

The recipe for pizza from a World Champion by Michele Leo

The recipe for pizza from a World Champion by Michele Leo 845 445 Alessandra

The Caputo Trophy has a brand-new Pizza Champion: Michele Leo from Pizzeria Il Brigante in Venosa. 1st classified for the TSG pizza category – thanks also to Ciao’s tomatoes – he is the best pizza maker to which ask the secrets of a podium pizza.

52 years old, with an entire life spent for its trade, working his way up the ladder as a pizza maker after emigrating in Germany, and so much passion for pushing out ever further. This is Michele Leo. Pizza maker with 33 years of experience in searching for excellence. Attempt after attempt, his search has led him to the White Art’s highest peak.

But what are the tricks to make the best pizza in the world? Here’s Michele Leo’s recipe.

“The first ingredient to put into the dough is the heart, the passion that drives you to seek the utmost both from yourself and from the raw materials you choose” – we are told by the ‘Brigante’ (Brigand) of Venosa.

Leo knows that very well, as he has opened his pizzeria only 9 years ago, after going far and wide through Italy, hunting for work experiences to put himself to test.

“The second step in this ideal recipe is the search for quality, especially in the choice of ingredients, but also in the whole production process” – continues the new Caputo Trophy’s champion – “I always look for excellence products”.

Besides, our Michele is a practical man, of the old school, who demanded from his son, Rocco, to learn the pizza maker’s trade, but at the same time to continue also to study, so to evolve personally and find his way.

“The third and final step is commitment. No award has to be enough to extinguish the urge to push beyond the achieved results.”

As a proof of his stubbornness, to those who asks him how his life will no change, Michele Leo only answers with a laconic: “We will see”.