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campione del mondo della Pizza Stg 2018
The world champion for the STG Pizza and the recipe for a perfect Margherita 845 445 cmdo

The world champion for the STG Pizza and the recipe for a perfect Margherita

What turns a Pizza Margherita into a pizza worthy of the podium of the Caputo Trophy? Antonio Mezzero, the world champion for the STG pizza, tell it us.
The Neapolitan pizza found its new ambassador.

His name is Antonio Mezzero and he is the winner of the 17th World Pizza maker Championship.
STG pizza is the one that follows the official specifications of the true Neapolitan pizza: a set of ten rules that guarantees worldwide that the product baked in the oven is the same as that eaten in Naples.

Precisely for this reason, the podium for the STG pizza is the most coveted by APN’s pizza makers who take part in the Caputo Trophy and is the one that designates the pizza world champion for a year!
The official specifications for the STG pizza have also precise rules that define the right ingredients to use for a true Neapolitan pizza.

In the codified recipe of Neapolitan pizza, the long tomato of Ciao’s peeled tomatoes is the master. It is no coincidence that Ciao is the official tomato of the seventeenth edition of the World Pizza Maker Championship.
The 2018 edition of the Caputo Trophy has seen as is triumpher Antonio Mezzero, 35 years old, a Neapolitan, but living in Portugal.
We asked him how to make a world champion pizza!

Here are his secrets.


What are the most important ingredients for making a successful pizza?

The recipe for a pizza at the top sees the passion in pole position. Then there are the doughs. But among the toppings, the king of taste remains the tomato! For the Portuguese people, even mozzarella comes second. The tomato is the heart of the final judgment of a dish.

What does the Portuguese tomato taste like?

Portugal enjoys high quality products, perhaps not much publicized, but a Neapolitan pizza requires the Italian tomato. Italian vegetables have a completely different flavor!

How should be the right tomato for the STG pizza?

The right product is the one that can be used in purity without adding anything: not even salt. It should not be too sweet or too sour, and should be broken with your hands. In short, the right tomato is the one that gives back the flavor of the field!

Ciao wishes so much success to the new pizza ambassador in the world and is proud to have contributed to enhance the art of the first World Champion of an Unesco Heritage!

San Marzano
The particularity of harvesting the San Marzano tomatoes explained by an expert 1024 536 cmdo

The particularity of harvesting the San Marzano tomatoes explained by an expert

Why San Marzano tomatoes are so special and how their harvesting process changes according to their specificities? We have asked this to Tommaso Romano, President of Consorzio di Tutela del Pomodoro San Marzano DOP dell’Agro Nocerino Sarnese (the producers association for the San Marzano DOP tomato of the Agro Nocerino Sarnese region).

While it looks like so many vegetables, the San Marzano actually differs a lot from the other tomatoes.  Above all, it comes from a more delicate plant and for this reason it requires more attention, from the field to the table.

«The harvest of San Marzano tomatoes lasts about 50 days (from the beginning of August to the end of September) and the conservation process has to be started within a few hours, to preserve its intense aroma and fresh and sweet taste» – explains Tommaso Romano, president of the Consorzio di Tutela del Pomodoro San Marzano DOP, entrepreneur and passionate about the peculiarities of his land.

«This year the harvesting phase will be slightly shorter compared to the usual, due to the great heat of the 2017 season! – continues Tommaso Romano – It is possible that this time we will not reach the doors of autumn.»

But how does it work this important moment that precedes the factory processing?

In order to understand it, we need to dispel the classic myths of city-made experiences, on terraces and balconies. Tomato plants are not compact bushes, but they develop in height.
Harvesting the San Marzano, therefore, is an articulated process divided into 4 steps.

4 steps, around 10 days each apart, to pick the vegetables from the base of the plants, where the tomato matures first because it is more at contact with the heat of the earth, and then slowly pick the higher fruits.
«Every stage of the San Marzano harvesting is a strictly manual work – concludes Romano – which increases working times compared to other types of tomato, but fully respects the product.» read more