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le latte di Ciao - il pomodoro di Napoli
The cans of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: beyond the usual packaging 1024 768 Alessandra

The cans of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: beyond the usual packaging

How does Ciao tomato arrive on our dining tables as fresh as just harvested?
Part of the credit goes to its packaging. Let’s discover the secrets of tinplate packaging together.

We are used to seeing Ciao tomatoes in our pantries or handling them while preparing pizzas or other recipes, but perhaps not everyone knows that that simple metal cylinder is a high-tech product full of virtues.

The advantages of tinplate

  • Ciao cans are made from tinplate, a material that allows
  • To increase the durability of a food giving it a natural long-shelf life, if pasteurized
  • To maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the product
  • Thus reducing waste
  • And finally, tinplate packaging is environmentally friendly as it is infinitely recyclable.


Every detail is important to assure the success of your creations, and CMDO takes care of its tomatoes from the field to the dining table!

Saluti da Napoli
“Greetings from Naples: Ciao’s hold mail starts 1024 576 Alessandra

“Greetings from Naples: Ciao’s hold mail starts

Would you like to be the protagonist of our messages in a bottle from the Campania sun? Take part in ‘Saluti da Napoli’ (Greetings from Naples), the new social media initiative of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli. Find out how here.

Opening a preserve tin from Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli is like holding in your hands a thread connecting you to Naples, a postcard that comes directly from the Vesuvius. This is how the new social media initiative ‘Greetings from Naples’ was born.

There is a bit of Naples in anything which is authentic, true, simple, but well done. And thanks to our true tomato you can feel a little bit at home everywhere in the world, or celebrate your Neapoletanity slice simply with a dish.
Meatballs, pizza, pasta, vegetables, fish, meat – many are the traditional recipes that you can prepare with our preserves.

Why not share happy thoughts in this way?

This is how the ‘Greetings from Naples’ initiative was born.
To participate just take a picture with our products and your recipes and post it on Instagram with the hashtags #salutidanapoli and #ciaopomodori.
Every week we will choose one of the greetings received to make it the postcard that we will send to all our friends on Facebook and Instagram, resharing the pictures and the creations in them depicted.
It’s going to be fun! Ready?”

Ciao si prepara al Napoli Pizza Village 2019 1024 1024 Mariangela

Ciao si prepara al Napoli Pizza Village 2019

Dal 13 al 22 settembre, prenderà il via un nuovo appuntamento con il Caputo Napoli Pizza Village, la più grande vetrina partenopea sul mondo della pizza napoletana. Anche quest’anno Ciao si conferma tra gli sponsor della manifestazione, preparandosi a diventare il pomodoro ufficiale della kermesse e del Campionato Mondiale del Pizzaiolo che decreterà il miglior artigiano dell’arte bianca del 2019.

Mentre si definisce al meglio il calendario di appuntamenti, Ciao continua a dedicarsi instancabile alla produzione 2019, anch’essa protagonista del Napoli Pizza Village di quest’anno con l’iniziativa Ci vediamo al campo che vedrà pizzaioli provenienti da tutti il mondo, ospiti sul “campo” della Compagnia Mercantile d’Oltremare. Un viaggio che parte dagli Stati Uniti, Taiwan, Corea e arriva fino ai campi agronocerini per toccare con mano il pomodoro più buono che ci sia.

Dopotutto, la materia prima d’eccellenza è alla base di una kermesse così importante che vedrà, come ogni anno, impegnate circa 50 pizzerie con oltre 120.000 pizze sfornate.

Seguite tutti gli aggiornamenti sui canali social ufficiali di Ciao: vi aspettano giornate ricche di eventi, buon cibo, tradizione e divertimento.

Vi aspettiamo al Lungomare Caracciolo a partire dal 13 settembre!

TuttoFood Milano 2019, tra tradizione e bontà 1024 512 Mariangela

TuttoFood Milano 2019, tra tradizione e bontà

Milano si accende sotto i riflettori del buon cibo e in questi giorni si trasforma nel cuore pulsante del settore enogastronomico internazionale grazie a TuttoFood 2019.

Anche quest’anno Ciao è tra i protagonisti che affolleranno il polo della Fiera di Milano per presentare i suoi prodotti e le sue delizie in questa vetrina d’eccellenze mondiali, e lo fa con una prelibatezza che sta già conquistando tutti: E purpett’ comm e’ na’ vot di Simone Fortunato.

Carne macinata di bovino, pane raffermo, uova, formaggio, pinoli, uvetta sultanina, aglio, sale pepe e prezzemolo: tutti gli ingredienti della vera tradizione partenopea. Ma il vero segreto della loro bontà è la doppia cottura che termina nell’avvolgente salsa di pomodoro Ciao. Come resistere?

TuttoFood non è solo buon cibo, ma anche workshop, seminari, convegni e meeting accomp che completano e declinano il food Made in Italy in tutte le sue sfumature.

Per tutti gli appassionati, i polpetta addicted e gli esperti di settore, vi aspettiamo ancora oggi al Padiglione 7 – Stand H10.

Foodex Japan 2019, a new adventure for Ciao 1024 768 Mariangela

Foodex Japan 2019, a new adventure for Ciao

A new round the world adventure along with our tomatoes and traditions begins.

Foodex Japan 2019, we are on our way!

Our journey takes us to Tokyo for the Foodex Japan fair this year, too. Foodex is Japan’s leading trade fair for the food and drink industry, as well as an event of great commercial appeal for the entire Asia Pacific Area, with more than 70,000 trade visitors and 3,400 exhibitors registered during the last edition.

Why choose Foodex Japan?

Foodex Japan embraces a large part of the agri-food market and for 30 years has been the most important sector event in Japan. Japan is the eleventh biggest importer of Italian food and wines and the third largest non-European market after the USA and Canada.

In 2018, Italy exported to Japan food and wine products for a total of 737 € millions, with an increase of 3.7% compared to the previous year.

Drop in to see us!

Waiting for you are so much pizzas, cooking shows and masterclasses, but above all a lot of Ciao tomatoes and their inimitable traits which are the result of a perfect mix of climate, soil, processing and tradition.

Come to visit us from 5 to 8 March at HALL 6 STAND A-51, Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex, Chiba, to find and enjoy our juicy tomatoes, many guests and delicious surprises.

Gulfood 2019
Ciao protagonist of the 15th edition of Gulfood 1024 536 Alessandra

Ciao protagonist of the 15th edition of Gulfood

98,000 visitors, 5,000 exhibitors for 1 million square meter exhibition: these are the numbers of Gulfood 2019, the world’s biggest event for the Food & Beverage industry, that will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center and where Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli will be a protagonist. Come with us!

The F&B sector is a world in continuous evolution in which the Italian products absolutely take the center stage and this is something that should be proudly shown, especially when we talk about products such as tomato preserves, linked to the tradition of Southern Italy since ages.

Why Gulfood 2019?

It is precisely to tell the world the uniqueness of a specialty so closely intertwined to the history and the Made in Italy cuisine that the need is born to participate in events such as Gulfood that will go on until February 21st.
The tomato is produced in many countries in the world, but that of Vesuvius, due to the unique characteristics of its soil and climate, is inimitable. Besides, the processing method chosen by Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli allows you to bring intact the taste of Campania to the table, thanks to fast preservation times and very high production standards 

What we will see at Gulfood 2019?

The 24th edition of the biggest kermesse dedicated to the Food & Beverage industry promises to be even richer in curiosity and initiatives.

Not only a focus on new technologies for the catering management and the reduction of food waste and wastefulness of resources, but a lot of attention too to the international cooking traditions, through master classes and cooking shows, including those dedicated to the White Art, as we call the flour art.

Ciao and the House of Pizza

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli will be one of the key protagonists of La Casa della Pizza – the House of Pizza – the heart of the White Art at the Dubai Trade Center.

The Hall 2, Stand C2 34 will host the craftsman heart that gather the 4 ingredients that make worldwide great the Neapolitan pizza.

The preserves of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli, together with the Mulino Caputo’s flours, Olitalia’s oil, Sorì’s Mozzarella and the art of a Neapolitan pizza maker such as Davide Civitiello, will make you taste the greatness of a true intangible heritage of humanity.

Would you like to participate?

Do you want to discover the secrets of the Neapolitan spirit of Ciao and CMDO? Do you want to taste the unique pizzas that have made Naples great in the world?
Gulfood is open to professional visitors from 17th to 21st of February.

We are waiting for you!

Ciao e la terra del Vesuvio
Ciao and the land of Vesuvius – A love that is far more than a slogan 1024 536 Alessandra

Ciao and the land of Vesuvius – A love that is far more than a slogan

The first way to ensure that our production meets the expectations of our artisans – who want to bring to the table always the best of Campania Felix (the fertile countryside, as the ancient Romans called the region) – is to help protect our territory. Find out how Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli renders homage to the land of Vesuvius.

The importance of a unique land

Campania is a unique land, with exceptional morphological features, but it is in particular the Vesuvius area that offers the right fertility and minerality needed to give those unique scents and flavors to the crops

The proximity to the sea and the consequently mild climate contribute to make perfect the maturation of our tomatoes and unique their taste.

In short, opening a can of Ciao tomatoes means bringing to the table the best of the Mediterranean character of our peninsula and this thanks not only to an immediate processing that fully respects the raw material, but above all thanks to our territory’s characteristics.

So, the first commitment of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli it is the one towards his land.

To love it and to respect it is – from the production point of view – the best guarantee of a lasting success.

The defense of the territory

The environment is therefore one of the main concerns for Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli. A feasible investment thanks to a plant and a production method that allows us a minimal environmental impact.

So, in a few key points, how do we ensure this result?

  1. The attention and the contact with the agricultural part, allow us less waste, while maintaining very high production standards.
  2.  Process waters are purified and reused to reduce waste
  3. The residues of the production chain (skins, seeds and waste from the supply chain, imperfect vegetables and tomato juice in excess) are used as feed for local farms.
  4.  The cans we use are “Metal Recycles Forever”, a brand that indicates a particular production technology that covers the aluminum with a strong tin layer in order to have a product highly resistant to the acidity of the tomatoes, but also 100% and infinitely recyclable.

Attention and commitment = Resource and investment

But it is not just about love for our roots.
Respecting the territory is for us the essential prerequisite to continue to make ourselves the spokesperson of this world of unique quality, which cannot be imitated because the geographical features of Campania are unique and inimitable, just as the know-how that made the Made in Italy – and the products of Ciao and CMDO – a symbol of quality all over the world.

i controlli post produzione sui pomodori Ciao
Technical tests of perfection 1024 576 Alessandra

Technical tests of perfection

How can be sure we are not disappointing the expectations of our craftsmen regarding the unique goodness of the Vesuvius tomatoes? By way of a series of checks carried out throughout the entire production process and followed by random samplings all year round. Let’s discover together the high quality standards of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli!

Italian tomato is unique

The Italian tomato and in particular that from Southern Italy is a product unique in the world that must be protected from imitations and Italian sounding practices (foreign products marketed overseas with names very similar to their Italian equivalent specifically chosen to confuse consumers, but not at all Italian).

The uniqueness of South Italy products originates from a scrupulous know-how.

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli participates actively in the defense of Neapolitan values and culture by continuously checking the quality of its products before, during and even after the production process.
Checks of raw materials, crops, standards of color, shape and compactness of the processed tomatoes: a unique attention that we described  here 

But the checks do not end after the canning of our tomatoes.

In fact, once the production is completed, the end product enters quarantine or is stocked before being sold.
It is at this point that the spotlights are turned on the real “command room” of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: the laboratory. It is in the laboratory that we verify all the steps of our work with a spot-check for each single production stage.

Every 45 days, by random samplings throughout the year, the production lots are opened and analyzed to verify the end product’s conformity to CMDO’s quality standards.

We check:
● the PH
● the tomato’s sugar degree,
● the color,
● the presence of skins,
● the density of preserves
● and the presence of mold.

All these checks ensure to our craftsmen the undisputed quality of a market leading product in 91 countries. That’s why ‘Ciao’ is not just a word known everywhere, but a true synonymous with quality in all the world’s languages!

European Pizza and Pasta Show
European Pizza and Pasta Show: Ciao and the Italian cuisine triumph in London 1024 536 Alessandra

European Pizza and Pasta Show: Ciao and the Italian cuisine triumph in London

An event completely dedicated to pizza and pasta, world-renowned symbols of Italianity: this was the European Pizza and Pasta Show that from the 13th to the 15th of November filled the Olympia London with the scents of Ciao tomatoes.

European Pizza and Pasta Show : the event

The European Pizza and Pasta Show is a unique event dedicated to the B2B market, that is, to food sector professionals. The kermesse aims to increase awareness of the pizza and pasta dishes sector by putting the nerve centers of the market in communication.

The protagonists

Who are the real protagonists of all the editions of the European Pizza and Pasta Show?

● Wholesalers and food retailers,
● Pizza makers and pizzeria owners,
● Large catering chains and independent restaurants,
● Hotels and catering services,
● Equipment distributors,
● Producers of special ingredients,
● Suppliers of food products and services:

This is the roadmap of the participants of the event that this year has gathered over 150 exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Ciao at EPPS 2018

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli brought to London the passion of a product still worked today with semi-handmade techniques, the respect for the farming traditions and a method that allows processing the tomatoes within a few hours after the harvesting.

After all, the tomato is not only the symbol of the Mediterranean diet, but also the true king of the Italian cuisine, for its capability to accompany all kinds of recipes.

Pizzas, focaccias, savory pies, seafood and meat first courses, but also second courses and side dishes: with a quality product like Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli, you can really make a comprehensive Italian menu.

The value of an event like the European Pizza and Pasta Show, then, is not just about putting brands and commercial experiences in communication. Its value is also about spreading the culture of the made in Naples products and of the Italian know-how, a culture made of passion, competence and respect for the past, but looking to the future: the values that every day Ciao puts into his production method.

Project in collaboration with:
POR Campania ERDF 2014-2020
Asse III – Obiettivo Specifico 3.4 – Azione 3.4.2
CUP B25F18001990008

La pizza napoletana in Oriente
Ciao and the Far Eastern side of the Neapolitan pizza 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao and the Far Eastern side of the Neapolitan pizza

Being at the service of the artisans of 91 countries means knowing how to interpret in a thousand ways the cultural nuances of the word Naples. What does it mean, for example, to be a Neapolitan pizza maker in China? Let’s find out together with our two artisans and special envoys: Angelo Tramontano e Maurizio Iannicelli.

Pizza is definitely the world most eaten dish, but also the most imitated, not always with versions faithful to the Neapolitan original.

The dream held by the ‘Disciplinare’ – the Official Specifications of the True Neapolitan Pizza – is to bring the White Art of the Vesuvius all over the world, through the right techniques and ingredients.

And to tell the world about the specificities of the tomato of Naples is precisely the aim of Ciao’s travels.

So, on the occasion of the Caputo Cup in Nanjing and of FHC China, we unleashed two artisans wearing the chef jacket of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli, asking them to find out the state of the art of the pizza in the Far East.

Here is the travel diary of Maurizio Iannicelli of Pizzeria Napul’è and Angelo Tramontano of ‘O Sarracino.

What they think about the pizza in China?

“The Chinese people go crazy for Italian cuisine and especially for Neapolitan pizzas!” – tells us Maurizio Iannicelli of Pizzeria Napul’è – “Chinese pizza makers give great attention to the Neapolitan technique and to the quality of Italian products e there is a lot of passion from the enthusiasts and from simple gourmands who tend to identify the pizza with the ingredients – like Ciao tomatoes – as the only dressing for a true dish.

How is the working style of the Chinese pizza makers?

“Humble, clean, educated, with so much enthusiasm and desire to learn: this is the common portrait for the many Chinese pizza chefs we met on our trip to the Far East” – explains Angelo Tramontano of Pizzeria ‘O Sarracino – ” During the master classes we held in Nanjing, we touched with hand their great passion and the desire to get in touch with the Neapolitan culture, though also the knowledge of the specifics of the ingredients of our territory, like Ciao tomatoes.

So how would you describe the state of the (white) art in the Far East?

“APN, the many producers from Campania working on spreading the Neapolitanity, and the ‘Disciplinare’ of the true pizza are doing a lot to export the Neapolitan side of the pizza” – conclude Maurizio Iannicelli and Angelo Tramontano – “Of course, there are aspects still to refine, but thanks also to the new video technologies that bring nations closer, pizza ha restarted to speak Neapolitan in so many countries all around the of the world!