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LSDM e Ciao a Copenaghen
LSDM and Ciao on the road to Copenhagen 845 445 cmdo

LSDM and Ciao on the road to Copenhagen



On October 29th, Copenhagen will host the last stop of the 2018 tour organized by Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli and LSDM – the International Congress of Signature Cuisine whose aim is to bring to the world the Mediterranean cuisine between pizza and Made in Italy ingredients. Let’s find out what will happen in Denmark!

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli will bring to Northern Europe the warmth of the pizza and the Neapolitan cuisine, and it will do this following itinerary of LSDM – the kermesse that aims to make discover the health and flavor benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
The tastings and the explicative demos will be embellished by the sweetness of the Vesuvius tomato during this Danish stop of the tour, too.

The journey

In the beginning, it was Paestum. Together with the caravan of LSDM, we left Campania to illustrate the sweetness of Ciao products through the harmonious matchings devised by chefs from all over Italy, demonstrating in the end an excellence of territory that knows no geographical boundaries.

The second stop was New York, with its dialogue between the Neapolitan pizza and American-style leavenings.

The third and last stop is the Brace Restaurant in Copenhagen (Teglgårdstræde, 8A), which on Monday 29th from 2.00 pm will host the latest Italian raid by LSDM.

The stage

But what will happen in Copenhagen?

5 laboratories will depict as many symbols of the Italian cuisine

● Prosecco DOC
● Pasta
● Extra virgin olive oil
● Coffee
● And of course the Tomato.

Representing the Italian cuisine ‘in red’ will be Nicola Fanetti, chef at Ristorante Brace, who will propose a fusion between Danish and Italian cuisine, in line with the philosophy of the owners.

The goal?

Demonstrate the great versatility of the Italian agrifood basket, with a particular attention to the judgment by foreign chefs.
What is important to emphasize is that the South Italian tomato is a product with unique organoleptic characteristics very different from products from other climates and other regions of the world: for this reason it deserves attention and protection.

LSDM a New York
LSDM New York and Ciao tomato: The Neapoletanity tells his story to the world 845 445 cmdo

LSDM New York and Ciao tomato: The Neapoletanity tells his story to the world

If we talk about pizza, what links Naples with New York? We can hear it from LSDM – the international congress of signed cuisine that for its 2018 edition in the United States chose an essential theme – the White Art. Undisputed protagonist of the event: the use of ingredients, and in particular of tomatoes.
Overseas countries were seen until not so long ago with a bit of suspicion by lovers of the true Neapolitan pizza.
Futuristic fusions, consistencies questionable or too different from the Neapolitan matrix, too big sizes, have made the American White Art a philosophy on its own different from the vesuvian tradition.
But the landscape today is quite different.

The scenario awaiting us in New York

The landscape is now different both for the UNESCO recognition of the art of the Neapolitan pizza makers as an humanity intangible heritage – which gives to the Neapolitan version of pizza a value with no geographical boundaries – and for the widespread dissemination of news and for the ability that modern technologies gives in bringing the Campanian know-how everywhere in the world.
The stars and stripes country recognizes and loves the Neapolitan pizza.
Telling, explaining and illustrating the culture of the ingredients behind this culture will be one of the tasks of LSDM New York 2018 and of Ciao, the great star of the event.

The kermesse.

The Pizza Time dedicated to spread the Neapolitan style in the White Art of LSDM will take place at Roberto Caporuscio’s Pizzeria Kesté.
LSDM started this year too from Paestum for its travel around the world talking about gastronomy, ingredients and Mediterranean diet.
Dough lessons
Analysis of the new trends in the pizza phenomenon (such as the great attention to fried pizza, raft version)
Dialogue between pizza makers of different nationalities through the experiences of Enzo Coccia, Carlo Sammarco, Giorgia Caporuscio, Tony Gemignani and Anthoni Mangieri.
And a focus on ingredients and in particular on seasonings: the big difference between the American and Neapolitan schools.

The tomato

All the seminars, debates and recipes will have a single protagonist that is appreciated all over the world: Ciao tomato, especially in the San Marzano DOP version.
Ciao exports its products to more than 90 countries and is also appreciated as a flagship product in the United States.
To participate in the event, just send an email to