• 19 June 2017

Ciao and the specialties of Pizzeria Nanà

Pizzeria Nanà

Ciao and the specialties of Pizzeria Nanà

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A story that has the flavor of love, that of Silvio Zingarelli of Pizzeria Nanà: love for his Naples, for the dish that most represents this land and for the values of the past.
Pizzeria Nanà is a young pizzeria. After working lengthy his way up in the historical city center of Naples, Silvio Zingarelli decided to devote himself body and soul to the study of the pizza, and in 2010 he opened his own pizzeria to which he gave the name of his daughter, Nanà!
With the same passion, the pizza artisan of Via Biscardi in Poggioreale tells us about his Napoli Pizza Village.

-What specialties are you going to show on the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront?
I have chosen two tasty varieties very different between each other: one white and one red, to please everyone! The red one will be the classic pizza Margherita, while the white one will be a novelty with ricotta and provola cheese, enriched with Neapolitan taralli.

-What kind of tomato will you use for your pizza Margherita?
The classic peeled tomato as prescribed according to the TGS pizza specifications.

-Which of the two specialties represents better the spirit of Pizzeria Nanà?
Certainly the pizza Margherita, because when we talk about pizza, the Margherita is the true love of all Neapolitans and my pizzeria has a genuine and popular heart.

-What do you expect from this 2017 edition of Caputo Napoli Pizza Village?
I hope this Pizza Village will be an even more powerful showcase, not only to let us to be known abroad, but also to give light to the neighborhood pizzerias!