• 11 April 2017

Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul

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Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul

Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul 845 445 cmdo

Who will be the best pizza maker of the world for 2017, that is who will be the winner of the Napoli Pizza Village 2017?

Such a title is not built from one day to the next, but it is a real journey that lasts all year long. Therefore, the Neapolitan challenge is just the final one in an elimination tournament that involves all the five continents.

Ciao has accompanied the best pizzas in the world in every challenge for years: both the daily ones that require excellence at the table and the international competitions, ever together with the ingredients of excellence from the gastronomic heritage of the Campania region as those of Caputo – Il mulino di Napoli.

The Korean challenge was held in Seoul in April – one of the last approaching stages to choose the shortlist of oriental champions who will take part in the final of the 16th Caputo Trophy, to be held in Naples from the 17th to 25th of June.

Our products from Campania region have been obviously used to dress the competing specialties even in Korea.

Next step is Taipei in Taiwan