• 2 October 2018

NY Pizza Festival and Napoli Pizza Village: similarities and differences.

New York Pizza Festival

NY Pizza Festival and Napoli Pizza Village: similarities and differences.

NY Pizza Festival and Napoli Pizza Village: similarities and differences. 845 445 cmdo

New York Pizza Festival and  Napoli Pizza Village: 2 different settings, but many points of contact. Come and discover the thread that binds Naples to the other end of the world!
2018 is a historic year for pizza lovers and for us of Ciao – Il pomodoro di Napoli! A new star was born in New York: The New York Pizza Festival, the first US event dedicated to the pizza world twinned with the Napoli Pizza Village. It will be held in the Bronx on 6th and 7th of October: practically now!
CMDO is proud to be one of the main partners of this revolutionary moment.

The identikit

But what do have in common the village on the Lungomare of Naples and that one in the Bronx?
Here is an identikit of the two events.

Let’s start from the setting.

Obviously we couldn’t move the Vesuvius to New York, but the liveliness of the culture and the large number of artists and events of the Big Apple give the city that rascal atmosphere which is somewhat similar to that of Naples!

And then there is the hospitality.

Just like the Napoli Pizza Village, access to the New York Pizza Festival is free. Everyone can come to party enjoying the spirit of the Neapolitan embrace. Just how it works in Naples: everyone can enjoy the conviviality by the sea, paying a ticket only if they want something to eat and drink.

And then there is: the art of Neapolitan pizza makers.

More than 30 master pizza chefs will perform at the wood ovens in New York. Many well-known stars of the Neapolitan landscape and of the Napoli Pizza Village as Gino Sorbillo, Roberto Caporuscio, Errico Porzio, Salvatore Vesi, the Salvo brothers, Ciro Oliva and the historical pizzerias Brandi and Trianon. Many will be also the protagonists from the American-style pizza world that will complete the overview on the most eaten dish in the world.

And to close the roundup of the twinning between Napoli and New York: the ingredients.

Key stars will be those historic products now worldwide identified with the Neapolitan pizza, like the preserves of Ciao – Il pomodoro di Napoli, by now a great protagonist of pizza records and of the most important worldwide events related to the Neapolitan way of life!
You are the only one missing! Come to taste, watch, and tell… in short, come to share the event of the year!
We are waiting for you on the 6th and 7th of October in the Bronx.