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Pizzeria Da Gigino Università della Pizza

Pizzeria Da Gigino Università della Pizza
Ciao and the specialties of Gigino Pizza a Metro at NPV 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao and the specialties of Gigino Pizza a Metro at NPV 2017

Da Gigino Università della Pizzza is a sheer reference point for Campania region in terms of pizza in its more material sense, the one in which the dough disc does not change only depending on the dressing, but also according to the “length of the hunger”. Indeed, the pizza by the meter is not round, and you choose its length. This preparation method was even patented in the 1960s. Giovanni De Simone defends the colors of what is now a true University of Pizza, both for the skill of its pizza makers and for the courses dedicated to the White Art that are regularly held in this pizzeria of Vico Equense.
We could not miss the chance to have a chat about the Napoli Pizza Village  2017 with such an ancient pizza institution.

– What specialties are you going to show on the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront?
At the Napoli Pizza Village I will introduce a pizza by the meter with provola cheese and lemon rind, together with the great classic of “Gigino Pizza a metro”: the Margherita pizza by the meter.

– Which tomato will you use for your pizza?
The rules for dressing a pizza by the meter are the same for the classic pizzas and the ingredients are the same prescribed by the TGS pizza specification for the Margherita pizza. For the Margherita by the meter, then, we use the classic peeled tomatoes of Mount Vesuvius.
– Why did you choose this pizza to represent you at NPV?
Because it is our strong suit. It is for this pizza that our customers have given us the honorary title of University of Pizza: you have to taste to understand the differences.

– What do you expect from the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017?
The Napoli Pizza Village 2017 is a special edition: an affirmed format, but with a renewed timeline. 10 days to taste our pizza by the meter both at lunch and dinner seems to us to be a wonderful showcase to make known even more all over the world the goodness of this specialty.