• 18 January 2018

Ciao and the identikit of the king of Mediterranean cuisine

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Ciao and the identikit of the king of Mediterranean cuisine

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Tomato is a pillar of Neapolitan tradition at the table, a mine of creativity in so many international cuisines and a precious help for our health, not only in summer. Let’s discover together the thousand virtues of the prince vegetable of Made in Italy
Iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and vitamins, the well-known C vitamin, but also the precious vitamins of the B-group, and the A and E vitamins, useful for skin, eyes and hair.
In short, even if it looks like a simple food, tomato is actually a real wealth of nutritional treasures.

Roman tomatoes,  San Marzano, cherry tomatoes or yellow tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius – it does not matter which one you choose, their virtues are always the same.

In very few calories, there are benefits for the whole body.

In the beginning it was the lycopene.
Tomatoes are very rich in this antioxidant substance that colors of red their skin and pulp. They are therefore excellent allies against all cellular degenerative diseases and obviously against aging, too.

Do you suffer from hypertension?
Tomato can be of help in this case also, thanks to the high content of potassium that helps to lower the blood pressure.

And if that weren’t enough, tomato goes hand in hand even with the digestive system!
In this case the help comes from the fibers that together with the water contained in the vegetable give a hand to the intestinal transit.

So, to be in shape, do we need to wait for the summer?

Not at all!

Most of tomato’s antioxidants, such as lycopene, become more available with heat.
And not just a little. The cooked tomato brings to the body three times the amount of lycopene compared to the freshly picked tomato and the tomato paste can contain up to 20 times more lycopene than the fresh tomato.

Before ending in their packaging, the Ciao tomatoes are subject to a searing phase makes both the antioxidants more easily assimilated and keeps all the flavor of the Neapolitan summer.


No aromas or chemical preservatives: the secret of Ciao is:

– attention to the raw material
– a timely harvesting
– a strict quality control
– and cutting-edge technology for processing and controls throughout the entire production phase!

What would the Italian cuisine be without tomatoes?
At Ciao, we are proud to contribute every day to the wellbeing of the Mediterranean diet and to the success of the goodness of Italian cuisine.