• 20 October 2017

Ciao at the Pizza DOC National Championship

Campionato Nazionale Pizza Doc 2017

Ciao at the Pizza DOC National Championship

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Ciao tomatoes are again protagonists of an event dedicated to the excellence of the Neapolitan White Art. The fourth edition of the Pizza DOC National Championship will be held on the 23rd and 24th of October in the heart of the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area.  So many are the surprises held in store. Let’s find them out together.
After the Napoli Pizza Village and the start of the international tour of the Caputo Cup 2018 – which took place a few days ago in Atlantic City – Ciao is ready to cut another starting ribbon: that of the Fourth Pizza DOC National Championship.

The new challenge

The new challenge between pizza makers hunting for the excellence in the Neapolitan-style White Art will be held in Valentino Torio, just right in the heart of the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area.
More than 300 competitors are expected at the foot of Mount Vesuvius to take part in a contest that looks set to be really fierce.
The two-day event will have many exceptional guests chosen among the pizza world protagonists. Professionals from historic Neapolitan pizzerias such as Antonio Starita and Alessandro Condurro (of Pizzeria Da Michele), winners of the Caputo Trophy as Teresa Iorio, and many master pizza makers from Sergio Miccu’s APN will fully show their gastronomic performances.

And here are the novelties of this 4th edition.

First of all, the place of origin of the pizza makers. This year, the competitors of the contest will come to San Valentino Torio not only from Italy, but also from the United States and Poland.
Then the hidden jury. Given the parterre of expected professionals, to avoid any suspicion of favoritism the votes will be given by incognito jurors who will evaluate the recipes according to 3 key parameters: taste, presentation and cooking.
And finally, the number of contest categories, that this year will be 12:
Margherita DOC
Classic Pizza – the specialty pizza presented by each competitor through which we will evaluate the innovation in the dough and in the ingredients, a pizza made with the typical products available at a certain time of the year;
Pizza ‘in pala’
Gluten free 
Largest pizza 
Free style 
Fried pizza;
‘Youth’ (14-20 year old)
Category ‘Associations’;
Pizza by “TWO”.

Medals and supplies of typical products are ready to be won by the competing pizza makers.

This year, too, a special mention will be given through a Ciao Prize, which will evaluate the bond between the presentations and their territory.
Good luck to all the participants!