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Pizza Village Home
Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli is the protagonist of Pizza Village Home 1024 536 cmdo

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli is the protagonist of Pizza Village Home

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli is the protagonist of Pizza Village Home, the new and strictly social distancing-proof edition of the Napoli Pizza Village which will take place from 5 to 8 November 2020, thanks to Glovo’s contribution too. Find out how the Madonnina of Milan Cathedral and Saint Januarius Patron Saint of Naples can meet in an event!

A true Neapolitan pizza, prepared by the best Neapolitan pizza makers in the traditional or gluten-free version, and naturally enriched by the unique flavors of Ciao tomatoes: this is the identikit of the pizza ready to taste at the Pizza Village Home directly from the comfort of your home. In short, a pizza equal in all respects to that of the Napoli Pizza Village, but without the need of taking the train to reach Campania.


Just book your preferred specialties on and have it delivered to your home.
The Neapolitan pizza makers are ready to leave for the Lombard capital to revive the party atmosphere that only the Neapolitan pizza and the Napoli Pizza Village can give.

Ready to join?

To do it just stay at home, use Glovo, choose a pizza prepared with Ciao tomatoes and wait for delivery!
You will receive at your home a handy box with so many products to taste, including our peeled tomatoes!
The event will be accompanied by a number of other social media events.
Follow us on the Facebook page of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli and on the home page of Pizza Village Home to discover them with us!

TuttoFood Milano 2019, tra tradizione e bontà 1024 512 cmdo

TuttoFood Milano 2019, tra tradizione e bontà

Milano si accende sotto i riflettori del buon cibo e in questi giorni si trasforma nel cuore pulsante del settore enogastronomico internazionale grazie a TuttoFood 2019.

Anche quest’anno Ciao è tra i protagonisti che affolleranno il polo della Fiera di Milano per presentare i suoi prodotti e le sue delizie in questa vetrina d’eccellenze mondiali, e lo fa con una prelibatezza che sta già conquistando tutti: E purpett’ comm e’ na’ vot di Simone Fortunato.

Carne macinata di bovino, pane raffermo, uova, formaggio, pinoli, uvetta sultanina, aglio, sale pepe e prezzemolo: tutti gli ingredienti della vera tradizione partenopea. Ma il vero segreto della loro bontà è la doppia cottura che termina nell’avvolgente salsa di pomodoro Ciao. Come resistere?

TuttoFood non è solo buon cibo, ma anche workshop, seminari, convegni e meeting accomp che completano e declinano il food Made in Italy in tutte le sue sfumature.

Per tutti gli appassionati, i polpetta addicted e gli esperti di settore, vi aspettiamo ancora oggi al Padiglione 7 – Stand H10.

ciao e #pizzaunesco
Ciao and #pizzaunesco: on the square in support of the Art of the Neapolitan pizza makers 1024 576 cmdo

Ciao and #pizzaunesco: on the square in support of the Art of the Neapolitan pizza makers

The art of Neapolitan pizza makers is now an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, pride of the Neapolitans and of the whole of Italy. But the battle does not end with this recognition. This is the warning launched during the celebrative event that took place in Piazza del Gesù in Naples. Let’s find out why.

December 14th is a date that Naples and the world of pizza will remember for long: the presentation to the city of the Art of Neapolitan pizza makers as a UNESCO heritage.

To celebrate this important recognition, a big party has been held under the banner of the conviviality, a key feature of the world of pizza and pizza makers. Piazza Del Gesù, in the heart of the old town of Naples, was the obvious stage for this celebration.

Many were the guests on the square.

At the forefront, the pizza makers of the APN, who handed out 5000 pizzas to tourists, Neapolitans and enthusiasts.

And then, of course, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Pesident of the Univerde Foundation, that from the Napoli Pizza Village 2010 launched the petition campaign to ask UNESCO the recognition.

“The status of Intangible Heritage of Humanity – tells Pecoraro Scanio on the stage in Piazza Del Gesù – has been given to the Art of Neapolitan pizza makers, not to pizza, and this is not coincidence! One of the reasons why the battle lasted so long is precisely this distinction. Neapolitan pizza is unique and has nothing in common with the industrial one!”

The same idea was shared by Gimmy Ghione, the famous journalist of the TV show ‘Striscia la Notizia’, renowned for his battle against the counterfeit products, a plague present even in the Made in Italy gastronomic field.

“Neapolitan pizza – says Ghione to the microphones of the event organized by the #pizzaunesco movement – is codified by precise rules and made with specific ingredients. All strictly Made in Italy.”

And now?

The battle goes on because, as confirmed by Luigi Petrillo, councilor of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, the status of Intangible Heritage of Humanity is not something that you win once and for all.

“The UNESCO commission – explains Petrillo – meets every two years to decide on the fate of the titles assigned. A production that does not conform to the standards required by the specifications, or the choice of improper ingredients, could led to loosing this important recognition!”

That’s why we of Ciao feel proud of our products in line with the specifications of the true Neapolitan pizza. Allowing our artisans to express themselves at their best through the excellence of our ingredients is a responsibility that we carry out with plenty of passion!