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TuttoPizza e Ciao will turn the Mostra D’Oltremare into the realm of pizza. 845 445 cmdo

TuttoPizza e Ciao will turn the Mostra D’Oltremare into the realm of pizza.

7000 square meters covered with exhibitions, demonstrations and events await the many curious and greedy Neapolitan enthusiasts of flavors, manual skills and cooking. From the 22th to the 24th of May, the Mostra D’Oltremare – the largest expo center in Naples – will turn itself into a pizza kingdom hosting TuttoPizza, a kermesse fully dedicated to gourmet and pizza enthusiasts.

A three-day event fully dedicated to the world’s most famous dish with a special focus on the ingredients of excellence, awaits us in the pavilions of Viale Kennedy.
More than 100 companies that will tell their history of tradition in a world – like that of the Italian food – more and more ready and open to the technological evolution.

The 2017 edition will focus on the techniques and the condiments for making gluten free pizzas.
Not be missed will be the tastings and the challenges among the pizza makers: just like the second appointment that awaits us in June on Lungomare Caracciolo: The Napoli Pizza Village.

Intrigued? To find out more just come and visit us at stands 12 and 13.

TuttoFood: science and avant-garde at the service of the Made in Campania 845 445 cmdo

TuttoFood: science and avant-garde at the service of the Made in Campania

Mark on your agenda the three days from the 8th to 11th of May. “TuttoFood”, one of the most important events of the Italian culinary landscape, will be held on those days at Fiera Milano in Milan. Ciao will be there to describe how much competitive on the market are the companies from South Italy.

Global breadth and broad-mindedness to show the best of the B2B.
Tutto Food is an exceptional showcase that will bring to Milan the best of the Italian and foreign food sector.

This is the fastest-growing trade show in Europe and through its workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings the event will illustrate the Made in Italy food in all its shades.

Many will be the themes focusing on the Italian excellence. We will talk about food and nutritional power through the moments of scientific in-depth organized for the event by the Milanese exhibition center, we will address the theme of the evolution of the Italian agro-food scenario and we will try to put the accent on the consumers habits, which more and more are attracted by the quality and price of the offer.

Another important topic will be the theme of regionalism, such an important theme in a country like Italy where the cultural diversity is the key to diversify its products.
In short, the appointment for all enthusiasts, experts and greedies is with Ciao at Tutto Food, Hall 7, Stand E02-E04.

ciao in corea
Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul 845 445 cmdo

Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul

Who will be the best pizza maker of the world for 2017, that is who will be the winner of the Napoli Pizza Village 2017?

Such a title is not built from one day to the next, but it is a real journey that lasts all year long. Therefore, the Neapolitan challenge is just the final one in an elimination tournament that involves all the five continents.

Ciao has accompanied the best pizzas in the world in every challenge for years: both the daily ones that require excellence at the table and the international competitions, ever together with the ingredients of excellence from the gastronomic heritage of the Campania region as those of Caputo – Il mulino di Napoli.

The Korean challenge was held in Seoul in April – one of the last approaching stages to choose the shortlist of oriental champions who will take part in the final of the 16th Caputo Trophy, to be held in Naples from the 17th to 25th of June.

Our products from Campania region have been obviously used to dress the competing specialties even in Korea.

Next step is Taipei in Taiwan

soffritto e pomodori ciao
Neapolitan recipe book: Soffritto soup tastes even better when made with Ciao tomatoes 845 445 cmdo

Neapolitan recipe book: Soffritto soup tastes even better when made with Ciao tomatoes

This homage to Neapolitan cuisine is for all those people around the world who love our region, hoping that they can find through our blog scents, colors and flavors of a land that never abandons us, thanks to the fact that products like those of Ciao – Il pomodoro di Napoli are now available even very far away from Naples. Here, then, the secrets of the zuppa di soffritto, a typical meat-based condiment suitable for robust stomachs of the Neapolitan people, which despite its name is a sauce and not a soup.

‘o suffritt is a dish from the popular tradition of the past, when the poverty-stricken housewives of the most poor alleys of Naples that couldn’t afford to go buy food were used to claim the meat scraps from the tables of the lords in their aristocratic palaces shouting: ‘e zendraglie – a Neapolitan word derived from the French les entrailles, i.e. the entrails, the scraps.

And with those scraps they knew how to create dishes that are now part of our tradition.

A spicy meat-based dish in which is the tomato to make the difference, the soffritto became after the war the typical filling for the sandwiches of the workers, made by housewives that threw a living cooking pans of this sauce to be sold to fill the “palatoni” – the typical Neapolitan bread – of the workers.

So, thanks to the genius of those women, for next to nothing you could buy a single plate made appealing by suet, bay tree, and ancient wisdom.

The soffritto soup changes name from place to place in Campania, – zuppa forte, zupp’ ‘e suffritt, cioffritto, zuffritto, sfrionzola – but the result does not change, especially if you make it with ingredients rigorously from our region, as the tomato concentrate Ciao.

Nowadays, housewives no longer fill the streets with the aroma of the soffritto soup and this sauce has become a dish almost bourgeois, that you buy ready-made at the butcher shops and is stored in the fridge in aluminum trays without the romance of terracotta bowls of the past.

But the taste is still the original one, strong, yummy, apt for dressing pasta and bread and that should always be accompanied by a glass of local wine: alla faccia ‘e chi ce v’o male – in the face of those who wish us bad – as we say in Naples!

Here is the recipe:

Soffritto soup

2 kg and a half of pork offal

2 cans of tomato concentrate (300 g)

2 cans of extract of sweet peppers (2 x 900 g)

1 can of 900 g of extract of hot peppers

A deciliter of extra virgin olive oil

150 grams of lard

4-5 bay leaves

Salt to taste

Wash the offal and put it to soak for a few hours. Then boil it and cut it into small pieces before frying it in lard oil and bay leaves for 15-20 minutes.

Then add the tomato paste and chilies and a bit of water if the mixture is too dense.

The mixture is then cooked until it reaches a thick consistency and then allowed to cool down.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, but will tend to thicken. Before serving, just heat it up by adding a little water.