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Pizzeria 'O Sarracino
Ciao and the specialties of Pizzeria ‘O Saracino at Napoli Pizza Village 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao and the specialties of Pizzeria ‘O Saracino at Napoli Pizza Village 2017

Maybe not everyone knows that just over 10 years ago the Neapolitan pizza tradition was almost unknown in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area, in the Province of Salerno. The only news that you could heard about came directly from Naples. This situation ended with the birth of Pizzeria ‘O Sarracino, which brought to Nocera Inferiore the first example of pizza patterned after the lessons of the Neapolitan school. The credit of “spreading the good word” goes all to the Tramontano brothers, owners of the pizzeria, and that will be at the Napoli Pizza Village 2017.

Pizzeria ‘O Sarracino is very young, but encompasses centuries of tradition. What is its secret?

‘O Sarracino was born in 2007, from an idea of ​​me, Angelo Tramontano, and of my brother Giuseppe. At that time, the true Neapolitan pizza was not known in the Agro Nocerino Sarnese area as it is today. ‘O Sarracino had the instinct of studying it and bringing it to Nocera, bearing in mind what I think is the perfect model, that of Michele ai Tribunali.

What parameters did you follow?

We specialized ourselves in the classic pizzas. Bearing in mind Michele’s model, we tried to reproduce the Magherita and the Marinara pizzas – the two great classics which are the pizzas par excellence – according to the rules prescribed by the TGS specifications. Until then, pizzas in Nocera were made with a long cooking – longer than a minute and a half – and had a diameter of 35 cm, while our Margherita and Marinara pizzas follow the lesson of the great masters, with a leavening of at least 8 hours, and a 60-second baking in oven. Following this method we brought the true Neapolitan pizza to our area.

You teach us that making pizzas is a pure science, but what is the secret to make this science an artwork? How will you dress your doughs?

You are absolutely right! The pizza maker can never let his guard down and must keep himself constantly up to date. For my pizzas I always choose a classic: the peeled tomatoes from Ciao Pomodori. For ten years I’ve been using this brand, a choice that I confirm for the Pizza Village, too.

And about the Pizza Village, what vibrations do you have for this edition?

This is the fifth time that I take part to the Pizza Village. I remember when we were only 20 pizzerias at the Mostra d’Oltremare exhibition center. Now this number has more than doubled and we are about 50, creating a rich contest that offers a great opportunity to compete. And numbers over the years are an indication of how these events have become of exponential importance. Each edition has been difficult for us, because we “foreigners” had to prove to be up to the level of the great Neapolitan masters. And each year, it has always been an unexpected success, and I really hope to succeed again this year, too.

Which great novelties ‘O Sarracino’ has set aside for NPV?

This year we propose a new pizza: we looked for to capture the summer flavor. I called it ‘Sorrento in your mouth’. Its characteristic is that it is seasoned with tomatoes of Sorrento that I personally make in pulp, to which we add buffalo ricotta and the very special mozzarella cheese ‘zizzona di Battipaglia’.

Michele Leo
The recipe for pizza from a World Champion by Michele Leo 845 445 Alessandra

The recipe for pizza from a World Champion by Michele Leo

The Caputo Trophy has a brand-new Pizza Champion: Michele Leo from Pizzeria Il Brigante in Venosa. 1st classified for the TSG pizza category – thanks also to Ciao’s tomatoes – he is the best pizza maker to which ask the secrets of a podium pizza.

52 years old, with an entire life spent for its trade, working his way up the ladder as a pizza maker after emigrating in Germany, and so much passion for pushing out ever further. This is Michele Leo. Pizza maker with 33 years of experience in searching for excellence. Attempt after attempt, his search has led him to the White Art’s highest peak.

But what are the tricks to make the best pizza in the world? Here’s Michele Leo’s recipe.

“The first ingredient to put into the dough is the heart, the passion that drives you to seek the utmost both from yourself and from the raw materials you choose” – we are told by the ‘Brigante’ (Brigand) of Venosa.

Leo knows that very well, as he has opened his pizzeria only 9 years ago, after going far and wide through Italy, hunting for work experiences to put himself to test.

“The second step in this ideal recipe is the search for quality, especially in the choice of ingredients, but also in the whole production process” – continues the new Caputo Trophy’s champion – “I always look for excellence products”.

Besides, our Michele is a practical man, of the old school, who demanded from his son, Rocco, to learn the pizza maker’s trade, but at the same time to continue also to study, so to evolve personally and find his way.

“The third and final step is commitment. No award has to be enough to extinguish the urge to push beyond the achieved results.”

As a proof of his stubbornness, to those who asks him how his life will no change, Michele Leo only answers with a laconic: “We will see”.

Pizzeria Lucignolo
Ciao and the specialties of Lucignolo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao and the specialties of Lucignolo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017

Pino Celio of Pizzeria Lucignolo comes from a family of pizza makers. In Celio’s home, you breathe the scent of fried pizza emerging from hot oil from the time of his grandmother, which herself was a pizza maker for passion, too.
This young artisan has already gone a long way and he can already boast a remarkable award at the Caputo Trophy, having won the first place for the ‘Pizza in Pala’ category during the 2016 edition of the Napoli Pizza Village.
And just like Lucignolo, Pinocchio’s friend who enjoys life in Toyland, Pino Celio summarizes his successes made of tradition and innovation with a motto that says it all: “Amaze, and always amaze”.
After the black pizza that made a splash during the NPV 2015 and the oven-fried pizza with Neapolitan meatballs of the 2016 edition, here is how Lucignolo tells us about his NPV 2017.
– What specialties are you going to show on the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront?
My red proposal is a pizza marinara with Cetara anchovies and anchovy sauce.
– Which tomato you will use for your pizza marinara?
The classic peeled tomato with tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius, as prescribed by the TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) pizza specifications.

– Why did you choose this pizza to represent you at NPV?
The pizza marinara with Cetara anchovies brings together Naples and the Amalfi Coast, the places I have chosen for my two pizzerias, as I have a second pizzeria in the province of Salerno. Additionally, combining a classic recipe with anchovy sauce is part of the mix of tradition and innovation that has always been my work philosophy.
– What do you expect from the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017?
This is the most important pizza festival in the world, and I hope that it will help us to make known the research and the passion behind our work as pizza makers. I hope also to win more awards, as I will compete for the Caputo Trophy.

Pizzeria Napoli 1820
Ciao is the tomato of the special pizza of Napoli 1820 at NPV2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao is the tomato of the special pizza of Napoli 1820 at NPV2017

Antonio Caiazza opened his ‘Napoli 1820’ after taking over a preexisting restaurant, but without breaking its continuity. His restaurant is ideally dedicated to Ferdinand I of Bourbon, a lover of taverns and simple cuisine and turns out pizzas completely focused on the search for the perfect ingredient, but also sea dishes.
Maneuvering skillfully between different gastronomic styles, here is what our artisan of Via Gramsci in Naples tells us of his Napoli Pizza Village 2017.
– What specialties are you going to show on the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront?
My special pizza is exactly the Napoli 1820 – with buffalo ricotta, shavings of parmesans, provola cheese from Agerola and tomato – which fully represents the philosophy of my restaurant.

– Which tomato you will use for your pizza Napoli 1820?
Yellow datterini tomatoes and San Marzano tomatoes.

– Why did you choose this pizza to represent you at NPV?
I chose Napoli 1820 because it is one of the most popular specialties of my menu and I hope to make it known to the many pizza lovers who appreciate the choice of ingredients of excellence that has always been the founding basis of the philosophy of my restaurant.
– What do you expect from the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017?
The Napoli Pizza Village is most important pizza showcase in the world. This is the fourth time that I take part in it and I hope that this edition will be the richest of friends ever!

Pizzeria Dal Guappo
Ciao and the specialties of Dal Guappo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao and the specialties of Dal Guappo at Napoli Pizza Village 2017

Pizza is a superlative pleasure. It is more and more an essential necessity for the tradition-hungry palates. It is so much essential that a simple gluten intolerance must not prevent from enjoying it. Marco Amoriello, three times World Champion for gluten-free Neapolitan pizza, knows all this very well. From Saturday, June 17th, he will be with his trademark “Dal Guappo” on the waterfront of Lungomare Caracciolo for the Napoli Pizza Village.

When Pizzeria Dal Guappo was born and what are its specialties?

Dal Guappo is a gastronomic reality that exists since 1988. The pizzeria, which at the Napoli Pizza Village will represent the area of ​​Benevento, is located in the municipality of Moiano. This is a project strongly wanted by me, Marco Moriello, and to which I have devoted myself with passion for the last 29 years.
Banner of our brand is the gluten free pizza. Gluten-free dough has become our ideal trademark and pride since the nineties and Dal Guappo has been three times crowned as World Champion in this category.

What is the origin of this particular specialization?

In our family, and in our team, we have some cases of celiac disease. However, love for taste and pizza has managed to overcome any obstacle. And so we have tried, and found, the right formula to let even gluten-intolerants to have the opportunity to eat a pizza of excellence. This introduction lets us imagine that your legendary gluten free pizza will be certainly among the specialties you will bring to the Lungomare Caracciolo. Yes, exactly. We will show our “thoroughbred” at the Napoli Pizza Village. Between the 50 ovens on the waterfront, one is there specifically to bake gluten-free pizza: that will be mine.

Which products did you choose to dress your pizza?

We mostly want to exalt the tradition, so we chose the Margherita pizza as queen of the event. The stock of seasoning is ready and, as prescribed by the TGS pizza specifications, I will use the San Marzano classic tomato from Ciao Pomodori.

Considering those premises, how do you imagine the Napoli Pizza Village that is already around the corner?

The Napoli Pizza Village is a national-level event. The square is a dish that delights, but also an artwork. There will be plenty of true lovers of pizza, and I hope that each of them will be able to satisfy their needs, having fun in the wonderful setting of the Gulf of Naples.

Pizzeria Porzio
Ciao and the specialties of Pizzeria Porzio at Napoli Pizza Village 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao and the specialties of Pizzeria Porzio at Napoli Pizza Village 2017

A family history, that of Pizzeria Porzio of Enrico Porzio: a family soaked of pizza tradition, like that of the Pellone family to which Enrico belongs and from which he has learned the trade, mixing together school and wood oven since childhood.
Then, in 1999, Enrico Porzio opened in Soccavo his first take-away pizzeria, which by 2013 has turned into a 70-seat restaurant, a take-away oven just a few distances away, a branch in Warsaw and the planned expansion in Florence and Milan: all of this under the banner of the pizza of excellence.
With the same enthusiasm with which he opened his pizzeria in via Cornelia dei Gracchi in Naples, Enrico tells us about his Napoli Pizza Village.

– What specialties are you going to show on the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront?
I will propose my Poker, a pizza with four tones of flavor: a slice of Margherita, one of sausage and rapini, a petal of stuffed pizza and one of fried pizza.
– Which tomato you will use for your pizza Poker?
The classic peeled tomato with Mount Vesuvius’ tomatoes.

– Why did you choose a so much varied pizza to represent your pizzeria at NPV?
I chose the four nuances of taste representing the most classic flavors of the Neapolitan pizza art because I like to emphasize the popular tradition of my pizzeria. But above all, Poker is a pizza that surprises for the approach to four pizza cults, joining in this way tradition and innovation, a driving philosophy that has always pushed me to search for selected ingredients.

– What do you expect from the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017?
Not of making a profit from it, this is sure. Indeed, I decided to create within the event my personal “Diversely Pizza Village” and so in the first four days of the NPV I will devolve any earnings to four associations working in sustaining young disabled persons. So I hope that my Poker will sell like bread!

Caputo Napoli Pizza Village
Ciao is official sponsor of the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017 845 445 Alessandra

Ciao is official sponsor of the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017

From the 17th to the 25th of June, Caputo Napoli Pizza Village will open a big window onto the world of the Neapolitan pizza of excellence. This year too, Ciao will be the official tomato of the event and of the World Pizza Maker Championship, which will declare the best pizza artisan of 2017.

Only a few hours are left before the opening of the pizza village: 9 days of dough and condiments will kick off the summer of great Neapolitan gastronomy by highlighting the great importance that techniques and attention to the quality of the ingredients have for a dish like the Neapolitan pizza, a model followed an imitated everywhere, but with unique features.

Who will be the world champion among the APN pizza makers and what specialties the 50 participating Neapolitan pizzerias will give us on beautiful backdrop of Lungomare Caracciolo to celebrate the most famous world kermesse fully dedicated to the White Art?

We will find out very soon, as only 3 days are left before the official opening of the Caputo Napoli Pizza Village 2017: the ribbon-cutting will be on Saturday, 17th June.

A format unchanged, but with an even more rapid pace and a renewed attention to fried pizza and to the women’s participation to the cream of the crop of the Neapolitan pizza maker association (Associazione Napoletana Pizzaioli – APN)

50 the pizzerias and hundreds the artisans that will come to the pizza stadium on Lungomare Caracciolo from all over the world to participate to the 16th Caputo Trophy.

Of all the 100,000 specialties that are expected to be baked during the 9 days of the event, the official tomato will be the one of Ciao, renewing again the partnership with the world’s most important event dedicated to the pizza of excellence.

We will tell you the art, the competing specialties and the flavors, the colors and the faces of that which in the end is above all a celebration great as the heart of Naples, which welcomes anyone around its popular table made of simple excellence!

Come to party with us!

TuttoPizza e Ciao will turn the Mostra D’Oltremare into the realm of pizza. 845 445 Alessandra

TuttoPizza e Ciao will turn the Mostra D’Oltremare into the realm of pizza.

7000 square meters covered with exhibitions, demonstrations and events await the many curious and greedy Neapolitan enthusiasts of flavors, manual skills and cooking. From the 22th to the 24th of May, the Mostra D’Oltremare – the largest expo center in Naples – will turn itself into a pizza kingdom hosting TuttoPizza, a kermesse fully dedicated to gourmet and pizza enthusiasts.

A three-day event fully dedicated to the world’s most famous dish with a special focus on the ingredients of excellence, awaits us in the pavilions of Viale Kennedy.
More than 100 companies that will tell their history of tradition in a world – like that of the Italian food – more and more ready and open to the technological evolution.

The 2017 edition will focus on the techniques and the condiments for making gluten free pizzas.
Not be missed will be the tastings and the challenges among the pizza makers: just like the second appointment that awaits us in June on Lungomare Caracciolo: The Napoli Pizza Village.

Intrigued? To find out more just come and visit us at stands 12 and 13.

TuttoFood: science and avant-garde at the service of the Made in Campania 845 445 Alessandra

TuttoFood: science and avant-garde at the service of the Made in Campania

Mark on your agenda the three days from the 8th to 11th of May. “TuttoFood”, one of the most important events of the Italian culinary landscape, will be held on those days at Fiera Milano in Milan. Ciao will be there to describe how much competitive on the market are the companies from South Italy.

Global breadth and broad-mindedness to show the best of the B2B.
Tutto Food is an exceptional showcase that will bring to Milan the best of the Italian and foreign food sector.

This is the fastest-growing trade show in Europe and through its workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings the event will illustrate the Made in Italy food in all its shades.

Many will be the themes focusing on the Italian excellence. We will talk about food and nutritional power through the moments of scientific in-depth organized for the event by the Milanese exhibition center, we will address the theme of the evolution of the Italian agro-food scenario and we will try to put the accent on the consumers habits, which more and more are attracted by the quality and price of the offer.

Another important topic will be the theme of regionalism, such an important theme in a country like Italy where the cultural diversity is the key to diversify its products.
In short, the appointment for all enthusiasts, experts and greedies is with Ciao at Tutto Food, Hall 7, Stand E02-E04.

ciao in corea
Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul 845 445 Alessandra

Caputo Cup Korea: Ciao flies to Seoul

Who will be the best pizza maker of the world for 2017, that is who will be the winner of the Napoli Pizza Village 2017?

Such a title is not built from one day to the next, but it is a real journey that lasts all year long. Therefore, the Neapolitan challenge is just the final one in an elimination tournament that involves all the five continents.

Ciao has accompanied the best pizzas in the world in every challenge for years: both the daily ones that require excellence at the table and the international competitions, ever together with the ingredients of excellence from the gastronomic heritage of the Campania region as those of Caputo – Il mulino di Napoli.

The Korean challenge was held in Seoul in April – one of the last approaching stages to choose the shortlist of oriental champions who will take part in the final of the 16th Caputo Trophy, to be held in Naples from the 17th to 25th of June.

Our products from Campania region have been obviously used to dress the competing specialties even in Korea.

Next step is Taipei in Taiwan