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Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli is committed to achieve excellence in terms of eco-sustainability too. In the last 10 years, despite a significant increase in production, we succeeded in reducing our factory’s emissions by 50%. Let’s discover together how this little green miracle has been possible.


In the beginning it was the choice of more and more evolved cultivation systems, the birth of our ORGANIC line and the adoption of systems for the purification and reuse of processing water (which we have already talked about here) that allowed a remarkable modernization of our activity in a eco-friendly way, with an up to 70% of reuse of the water resources used.
A fitting reaction to our planet’s climate change that goes on day after day thanks to the adoption of increasingly eco-sustainable cultivation techniques. Today we are able to save up to 50% of the water used for the crop irrigation on our fields.


In order to preserve the environment in which our red gold is born, we also decided to explore the idea of a change of look to introduce a fully recyclable packaging with our new tins in aluminum: a material that can be reused indefinitely (as we told you here in a previous article).
But it’s not enough. The packaging used to enclose multiple packs of our preserves is now completely made of recycled cardboard.
GreenBoxX and GreenTray are the brands that identify our sustainable packaging.
Even our labels are purchased from environmentally certified and responsible FSC-branded companies following very strict policies that require that for every tree felled another one is replanted. We can therefore say that no plants are sacrificed to bring our products to your pantries.
And that’s not all. Ciao can also boast other important features such as that of having a tomato juice production completely energetically self-sufficient.



In recent years, solar panels have been adopted in our plants to fully power the production machinery with only renewable energy.
We have also worked about steam and gas emissions. For example, by installing an economizer that captures the heat from emissions (fumes coming out of the boilers) and uses it to heat the water with which the tomatoes for our preserves are boiled.
Adding to this policy is then the insulation of the pipes to reduce heat loss.
Fully recyclable packaging,
Policies against water and electricity waste,
Recovery and reuse of processing gases,
And an attention to eco-sustainability, from the field (with the respect to bio-diversity) to the dining table.
Only by analyzing point by point the green policies of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli you can understand the great care that our company puts every day to bring the excellence of our tricolor – white, red but especially green – on your dining tables!
With our commitment we also aim to raise the awareness of our artisan friends on these issues. We will do it with a clear, simple and passionate communication, always in the style of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli.

murales davide Arpaia
Street Food and Street Art blend in a wall painting 1024 576 cmdo

Street Food and Street Art blend in a wall painting

A journey between the pizza’s white art and the popular creativity par excellence – the street art – closes today, July 22, 2020! The new facade of the Istituto Comprensivo Michelangelo Ilioneo in Bagnoli, fully painted with the mural crafted thanks to the partnership between the Costantino Cutolo Foundation, the City of Naples and Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli, will be unveiled today, at noon. But what does the tomato have to do with painting? We tell you everything here.
The story

In the beginning, there was the Pizza Village

As we know, the latest edition of the Napoli Pizza Village was held in 2019. And precisely during the celebration of the world’s most beautiful pizza, the stand of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli greeted a fascinating contest that challenged the most creative writers of the Neapolitan area. Four young talents selected among many others through a first online demonstration phase requesting the submission of their arts portfolio.

Of the four artists in contest on the promenade of Naples, Davide Arpaia was then declared the winner as the best proponent of the link between pizza and tomato, receiving the opportunity to “put his hands” on a public building owned by the City of Naples. No night trips carrying the spray paint hidden in the bag then, but a true and real mural to enliven in September the coming back to school for many boys and girls of the Neapolitan suburbs.

The wall painting:

The work crafted by Davide Arpaia on the facade of the Istituto Comprensivo Michelangelo Ilioneo shows a tomato plant that climbs between the windows of the classrooms and yields books (i.e. culture). And the word “culture” is here the keystone that joins the attention to the youngest (one of the great goals of the Costantino Cutolo Foundation), and the cultural legacy so perfectly embodied by pizza and tomato.

If you are curious to discover the colors of this artwork, just take a look here at the

“Street art is an artistic avant-garde able that inspire to think with irony, sarcasm and elicitation about the evils, defects and contradictions of modern society. A movement that reveals in advance trends and predicts the taste of people acting in the communities. A street art popular and democratic like pizza, of immediate enjoyment and strong impact,” said Lino Cutolo.

le latte di Ciao - il pomodoro di Napoli
The cans of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: beyond the usual packaging 1024 768 cmdo

The cans of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: beyond the usual packaging

How does Ciao tomato arrive on our dining tables as fresh as just harvested?
Part of the credit goes to its packaging. Let’s discover the secrets of tinplate packaging together.

We are used to seeing Ciao tomatoes in our pantries or handling them while preparing pizzas or other recipes, but perhaps not everyone knows that that simple metal cylinder is a high-tech product full of virtues.

The advantages of tinplate

  • Ciao cans are made from tinplate, a material that allows
  • To increase the durability of a food giving it a natural long-shelf life, if pasteurized
  • To maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the product
  • Thus reducing waste
  • And finally, tinplate packaging is environmentally friendly as it is infinitely recyclable.


Every detail is important to assure the success of your creations, and CMDO takes care of its tomatoes from the field to the dining table!

Saluti da Napoli
“Greetings from Naples: Ciao’s hold mail starts 1024 576 cmdo

“Greetings from Naples: Ciao’s hold mail starts

Would you like to be the protagonist of our messages in a bottle from the Campania sun? Take part in ‘Saluti da Napoli’ (Greetings from Naples), the new social media initiative of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli. Find out how here.

Opening a preserve tin from Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli is like holding in your hands a thread connecting you to Naples, a postcard that comes directly from the Vesuvius. This is how the new social media initiative ‘Greetings from Naples’ was born.

There is a bit of Naples in anything which is authentic, true, simple, but well done. And thanks to our true tomato you can feel a little bit at home everywhere in the world, or celebrate your Neapoletanity slice simply with a dish.
Meatballs, pizza, pasta, vegetables, fish, meat – many are the traditional recipes that you can prepare with our preserves.

Why not share happy thoughts in this way?

This is how the ‘Greetings from Naples’ initiative was born.
To participate just take a picture with our products and your recipes and post it on Instagram with the hashtags #salutidanapoli and #ciaopomodori.
Every week we will choose one of the greetings received to make it the postcard that we will send to all our friends on Facebook and Instagram, resharing the pictures and the creations in them depicted.
It’s going to be fun! Ready?”

Gulfood 2020
Ciao is at Gulfood 2020 1024 576 cmdo

Ciao is at Gulfood 2020

The tour of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli starts again to continue introduce worldwide the prince of the Neapolitan cuisine: next stop will be in Dubai for Gulfood 2020, from 16-20 February 2020. Discover all the news from the Vesuvius sun at the Dubai Trade Center, Hall 2, Booth C2 34.

What we will find there?

The Vesuvius flavors will land in Dubai bringing again the scents of Vesuvius to the Arab countries.
Pizza and meatballs will be the great protagonists of the cooking shows held by Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli.

There will be two great Neapolitan stars.

Davide Civitiello will defend the colors of the White Art by preparing the most classic recipes of the tradition born under the shadow of Vesuvius: pizza marinara and pizza margherita together with some of the goodies that always enrich his cooking shows.

Ignazio Brancato of the Costa Beach in Ferrara will tell the art of meatballs – a Neapolitan specialty, but a typical dish of the Italian tradition too.

Do you want to find the Mediterranean scents of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli all over the world?

Follow us on our website and our Facebook page and if you are a professional send us a private message with your contact details (email, name and address of your professional activity and phone number) to get updated with our newsletter

Gallery Napoli Pizza Village 2019
Napoli Pizza Village 2019: The photo report 1024 536 cmdo

Napoli Pizza Village 2019: The photo report

In the 2019 edition of the Napoli Pizza Village, Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli gave the rightful place not only to the artisans, supplying them with a plenty load of 15,000kg of product for all the treats of the event, but to the pillars of its production too: the ladies of the Vesuvius who every day they work to bring the excellence of Southern Italy to the world. Here is the photo report of an evening as first ladies.

A truly exceptional evening took place during the 2019 edition of the Napoli Pizza Village: a party within a party!


The Big Family of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli gathered around the dining table: a symbol of the Neapolitan conviviality, with a great desire to party.

The table was naturally set with the best Neapolitan pizzas: these of the Napoli Pizza Village, baked by the artisans of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli.

Ciao is a company that puts technology at the service of tradition. And this is why our workers are essentials: they represent the popular experience that cannot be separated from innovation.




And with their smiles they made the pizza party par excellence even more special, as every day their truthfulness makes our company a big family.


Gulfood 2019
Ciao protagonist of the 15th edition of Gulfood 1024 536 cmdo

Ciao protagonist of the 15th edition of Gulfood

98,000 visitors, 5,000 exhibitors for 1 million square meter exhibition: these are the numbers of Gulfood 2019, the world’s biggest event for the Food & Beverage industry, that will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center and where Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli will be a protagonist. Come with us!

The F&B sector is a world in continuous evolution in which the Italian products absolutely take the center stage and this is something that should be proudly shown, especially when we talk about products such as tomato preserves, linked to the tradition of Southern Italy since ages.

Why Gulfood 2019?

It is precisely to tell the world the uniqueness of a specialty so closely intertwined to the history and the Made in Italy cuisine that the need is born to participate in events such as Gulfood that will go on until February 21st.
The tomato is produced in many countries in the world, but that of Vesuvius, due to the unique characteristics of its soil and climate, is inimitable. Besides, the processing method chosen by Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli allows you to bring intact the taste of Campania to the table, thanks to fast preservation times and very high production standards 

What we will see at Gulfood 2019?

The 24th edition of the biggest kermesse dedicated to the Food & Beverage industry promises to be even richer in curiosity and initiatives.

Not only a focus on new technologies for the catering management and the reduction of food waste and wastefulness of resources, but a lot of attention too to the international cooking traditions, through master classes and cooking shows, including those dedicated to the White Art, as we call the flour art.

Ciao and the House of Pizza

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli will be one of the key protagonists of La Casa della Pizza – the House of Pizza – the heart of the White Art at the Dubai Trade Center.

The Hall 2, Stand C2 34 will host the craftsman heart that gather the 4 ingredients that make worldwide great the Neapolitan pizza.

The preserves of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli, together with the Mulino Caputo’s flours, Olitalia’s oil, Sorì’s Mozzarella and the art of a Neapolitan pizza maker such as Davide Civitiello, will make you taste the greatness of a true intangible heritage of humanity.

Would you like to participate?

Do you want to discover the secrets of the Neapolitan spirit of Ciao and CMDO? Do you want to taste the unique pizzas that have made Naples great in the world?
Gulfood is open to professional visitors from 17th to 21st of February.

We are waiting for you!

i controlli post produzione sui pomodori Ciao
Technical tests of perfection 1024 576 cmdo

Technical tests of perfection

How can be sure we are not disappointing the expectations of our craftsmen regarding the unique goodness of the Vesuvius tomatoes? By way of a series of checks carried out throughout the entire production process and followed by random samplings all year round. Let’s discover together the high quality standards of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli!

Italian tomato is unique

The Italian tomato and in particular that from Southern Italy is a product unique in the world that must be protected from imitations and Italian sounding practices (foreign products marketed overseas with names very similar to their Italian equivalent specifically chosen to confuse consumers, but not at all Italian).

The uniqueness of South Italy products originates from a scrupulous know-how.

Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli participates actively in the defense of Neapolitan values and culture by continuously checking the quality of its products before, during and even after the production process.
Checks of raw materials, crops, standards of color, shape and compactness of the processed tomatoes: a unique attention that we described  here 

But the checks do not end after the canning of our tomatoes.

In fact, once the production is completed, the end product enters quarantine or is stocked before being sold.
It is at this point that the spotlights are turned on the real “command room” of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli: the laboratory. It is in the laboratory that we verify all the steps of our work with a spot-check for each single production stage.

Every 45 days, by random samplings throughout the year, the production lots are opened and analyzed to verify the end product’s conformity to CMDO’s quality standards.

We check:
● the PH
● the tomato’s sugar degree,
● the color,
● the presence of skins,
● the density of preserves
● and the presence of mold.

All these checks ensure to our craftsmen the undisputed quality of a market leading product in 91 countries. That’s why ‘Ciao’ is not just a word known everywhere, but a true synonymous with quality in all the world’s languages!

la salsa per pasta e pomodoro
Pasta and tomato: a Neapolitan love story! 1024 536 cmdo

Pasta and tomato: a Neapolitan love story!

Tomato is certainly the main ingredient of Italian cuisine, but what makes it as a key symbol of the Peninsula is its marriage with PASTA. A marriage that has its roots firmly planted in the Neapolitan soil. Let’s find out why.

A fully-fledged prince

Thanks to its versatility, tomato can be matched with so many Italian dishes, from starters to desserts, from pizzas and focaccias to salads and appetizers.

Such an essential ingredient deserves cutting-edge preserving techniques as those of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli that allow it to come to the table as if it had just been harvested, regardless of the season.

A lucky marriage

Pasta has always been the main course that better represent the Italian passion for good cooking. And in the same way as for pizza – the other great Queen of Italian cooking – pasta too has its roots firmly planted in the history of the Parthenope’s city!

In fact, it is in Naples that the press and the draw-plate were invented, transforming the city into the pasta capital, spreading its preparation technique on an industrial level.

The history

And Naples is also where the historic marriage between sauce and macaroni was celebrated.

Celebrating it were two key chefs of the history of Italian cuisine, both Neapolitans, and their recipe books: Vincenzo Corrado in 18th century with his Cuoco Galante (the romantic cook) cookbook and  Ippolito Cavalcanti in 19th century with his Cucina teorica pratica (theoretical-practical cuisine) book.

Even the habit of pasta al dente is believed to be of Neapolitan origins and dates back to the maccaronari, the street vendors who sold the pasta courses in the city alleys, and that to save time and sell more were used to a brief cooking time!

The Neapolitan tradition

In short, the marriage between sauce and macaroni is of Neapolitan origin, just like the best products for your condiments, those of Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli.

Better, because thanks to its processing method the tomatoes are harvested and preserved within just a few hours, keeping all the scent of the Vesuvius land.

Better, because our products undergo strict controls both before and after the packaging, to ensure the quality that our craftsmen have been accustomed to for 40 years.

In a word, Naples is passion: the innovations, the recipes, the cult pasta courses and the best products of Italian cuisine were born under the shadow of Vesuvius!

controlli di qualità
How Ciao tomatoes’ quality comes to the table 1024 536 cmdo

How Ciao tomatoes’ quality comes to the table

Preserves of whole tomatoes and tomato juice: those are the only ingredients needed to get the quality of Ciao products, other than a rigorous method to assure that everything is done to perfection. Let’s find out together from where the certainty of bringing the Neapolitan summer to the table comes from!

Carefulness, checks and method – these are the 3 keywords of the production of Ciao.
Our tomatoes arrive in your kitchen whole, perfect, fleshy, shiny and firm, because they are canned just a few hours from the harvest, but also because they are accurately checked throughout the production process.

Let’s see together how much care Ciao takes to keep the promise of always bringing the Neapolitan summer to the table.

The first production chain check is obviously that which takes place in the fields,

through agreements with farming cooperatives and the constant monitoring of crops and quantities planted per hectare. Thanks to precise agreements, vegetables not complying with the standards are rejected.

Then there are factory controls throughout the entire production process.

Checks of the tomato color that has to be perfect, sorting the greener and yellow tomatoes to keep only the red tomatoes.
Checks of the measure, to assure size homogeneity.
Checks of the tomato integrity after peeling them.

The last check before canning is the handmade inspection entrusted to the farm experience of our ladies of Vesuvius,

who with their eyes and hands complete the work of the machines.

This last step shows how for an historic brand like Ciao – Il Pomodoro di Napoli nothing can replace the human skills.

Ciao philosophy is a mix of hands and technology that uses innovation only as a means to make tradition safer.